Nursing Program

Nursing Program

Nursing Program
held on the 15 November 2023 in Durban, South Africa.

13th World Congress of The World Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases
(WSPID 2023)

Learning Objectives:

  1. To grasp essential concepts related to infection control, including outbreak investigation in neonatal care, intravenous device care in pediatrics, patient safety in the Pediatric ICU, and IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) quality improvement in pediatric wards.
  2. To understand the latest updates in TB prevention and HIV management, with a specific focus on pediatric care, through informative sessions by renowned experts.
  3. To explore strategies for implementing TB treatment and preventative measures in children, and to discover methods for improving the quality of care provided to pediatric patients.
  4. To gain insights into creating and maintaining adolescent-friendly healthcare services to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.
  5. To learn about the successful implementation of DTG (Dolutegravir) in PMHC (Preventive Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission) programs.
  6. To delve into the critical topic of vaccination and vaccine-preventable diseases, addressing vaccine hesitancy and gaining updates on Pertussis infection and vaccinations.
  7. To explore the role of vaccines as a response to outbreaks, highlighting their significance in public health emergencies.

By the end of this nursing program, participants will have an enhanced understanding of pediatric HIV care, infection control, and vaccination strategies, enabling them to provide improved care and support to patients in their healthcare settings.

Organizers:     Prof. Angela Dramowski, South Africa

Dr. Melissa Lawler, South Africa

Prof. Moherndran Archary, South Africa


Time Session Topic Speaker
08:30 – 09:15 Meet the Professor


The Strides in Community Based Nurse Managed HIV Care Program in SA and Lessons Learned in Nurse- Managed Pediatric HIV Lufuno Makhado, South Africa
11:00 -12:30 TB Prevention and HIV UpdatesTB Prevention and HIV Updates

(20 minutes each)

10 minutes questions


Chair: Melissa Lawler, South Africa

Implementation of TB Treatment and Preventative Strategies in Children. OR Improvement of Quality of Care for Children Zama Luvuno, South Africa
Adolescent friendly services Juliet Houghton, South Africa
DTG implementation in PMHC Roger Tevan, South Africa
14:30 – 15:45 Vaccination and Vaccine Preventable disease

(15 minutes each)

15 minute questions

Chair: Kagiso Mochankana, South Africa

Vaccine Hesitancy Archana Koirala, Australia
Update on Pertussis infection and vaccinations Rudzani Muloiwa, South Africa
Vaccines as a response to an outbreak Emma Best, New Zealand
16:15 – 17:45 Infection Control

(20 minutes each)

25 minutes questions


Chair: Silingene Joyce Ngcobo, South Africa

Outbreak investigation in neonatal care Marina Aucamp, South Africa
Intravenous device care in pediatrics Amanda Ullman, Australia
IPC and infection care quality improvement in pediatric wards Marilyn Cruickshank, Australia